Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuaiton


According to the survey data in Indonesia, seven out of ten cases of emergencies that occur in the ICU ended tertolongnya no patient lives due to limited equipment and supporting facilities. Limited equipment and supporting facilities is a problem that must be immediately sought the best solution for the safety of human life.
Immediate medical evacuation to a hospital that provides patient needs is the right solution. Unfortunately, many people who do not understand or have never heard of Evakuasi Medis/Medical Evacuation. The lack of knowledge about it makes most people trapped in situations of confusion and eventual surrender to the circumstances existing.
Medical evacuation is the removal of the patient from a place or a hospital or a place of origin to a destination outside the hospital area or even abroad safely, fast, and reliable. Medical Evacuation is necessary if the patient requires immediate medical treatment given or needed medical support equipment to sustain life, while the hospital where he was treated has inadequate facilities for all the patient's needs. Medical evacuation itself can by land ambulance or air ambulance ( commercial or charter aircraft).
Currently in Greater Jakarta are already a lot of ground ambulance services. Of the many ground ambulances are still many who do not have adequate medical equipment and the patient required medical personnel skilled in the medical evacuation. Good medical evacuation services must be equipped with medical equipment is good and right, medicine and emergency evacuation service standards as well as paramedics and doctors who are competent in the field of evacuation.
Judging from the number of landline Ambulance inadequate in terms of equipment and not ergonomic, therefore we set Fajar Ambulance Service who have medical equipment (Patient Monitor, Syring pump, emergency drugs, Autometic defibrillator, bag emergency, oxygen, dll) adequate as well as medics and doctors who are competent in terms of the Medical Evacuation.
With the selection of service providers as medical evacuation safe and reliable, the selection of appropriate hospital and timely handling of patients in accordance with their needs, expected to prevent the situation that we do not want to happen to the people we love. (Salam Sahabat_FAS)

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