Emergency Ambulance

Fajar Ambulance ( Ambulance Emergency ) is medical transport unit designed specifically different with other transport. Fajar Ambulance ( Ambulance Emergency ) designed to handle emergency patients, provide first aid quickly, right to conduct intensive care for the way to the referral hospitals in other words the Emergency Ambulance services are outside of the hospital where the emergency ambulance approached the victim / patient ( Pre Hospital ). Emergency Ambulance also must meet hygiene and ergonomic aspects. Moreover Emergency Ambulance also be equipped with complete equipment and operated by professional personnel in the field of emergency services.

There exist several types according Area Ambulance Operations :

  1. Ambulance Darat (Ground Ambulance)
  2. Ambulance Air (Water Ambulance)
  3. Air Ambulance (Air Ambulance)

Ambulance type according to the type of medical equipment :

  1. Transport Ambulance
  2. Basic Ambulance
  3. Advance Ambulance

Dawn Advance Ambulance Ambulance provides services that include :

  1. Medical Evacuation In The City [JABODETABEK]
  2. Medical Evacuation Outside the City [Outside JABODETABEK]
  3. Medical evacuation of the Interior
  4. Overseas Medical Evacuation

All of our services are supported by a complete medical equipment and Paramedic and competent physicians in the field of emergency services and have earned special certification for these services.

We provide Ambulance Emergency Ambulance Advance is equivalent to the ICU room with equipment such as patient monitors, syring pump, infus pump, ventilator transport, inkubator transport, oxygen transport, emergency medicine, suction portebel, tas emergency, dll.




Road of No. 2A Pintu II Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Jakarta Timur

Head Office / Emergency Call : (021) 24 00 37 00

Phone : 081387721612
e-mail : fajarambulance@yahoo.co.id

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Twitter : fajarambulance

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