Cahaya Ambulance Service (CAS) provides the following services :
  1. Medical Evacuation by land or air ( Air Medevak / commercial or charter aircraft ) intercity, provinces and abroad.
  2. Emergency Ambulance to “Stand by” events involving many people / time or high risk of occupational. Seperti August Bond, sporting events, automotive event, standby gas pipeline welding, dll.
  3. Emergency Ambulance and paramedic to be located at the mine site or work location at a higher risk for a certain period.
  4. Health services for Home Care and rental of medical equipment for Home Care, such as patient beds, Kasur dekubitus / anti beds champ, patient monitor, suction machine, oxygen tube, syring pump, infusion pump, oxygen konsentrator, ventilator, dll.
  5. Rental equipment health in injury to patient care in the home.

All of our services are supported with adequate medical equipment and Paramedic and Doctor competent and proficient in the field of emergency services and have earned special certification for these services.

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